19 déc. 2010

Money Money MONNEEEY!

This is the saying I repeated after our last win.. over and over! With each euroleague win we get a bonus, so with our latest win we got another bonus :)

Now I know its not always about money, but its nice to be rewarded sometimes. So heading into Christmas break, we had our last euroleague game on Wednesday. We played a team from turkey, and the last time we played them it was a blow out by them, so we wanted to prove that we were a team  not to be steam-rolled. We always play well at home, so it was a good opportunity to get a big win before the holiday break.

The game started out well for us, and we were up at halftime and shooting the ball well. Everyone on our team was doing well, and it continued in the second half. Although they started to make some big shots and tried to comeback... our team continued to hit big shot after big shot to never let the lead slip.

When the final buzzer went off we were very happy, and danced to the vici theme song... Yes I guess the fish company has a little jingle they play during commercials and what not. This part reminds me of when I was at UVM and we danced all the time, so it was nice to have some similarities.

I got to start again, and play a lot, and I played pretty well so I was happy to contribute to this win.

Here are some action shots of me playing in the game:

 Yes I am using my left hand :)
 Dont know whats going on with my right hand, but still a nice shot
 Still using my left hand :)
 I like this one, even though Im not doing much...
 You might think Im left handed if you saw all these photos. lol
 Calling out a play.. no big deal.. its only Seimone Augustus...lol
 I am proud of this picture only for the fact that Slyvia Fowles ran into me, and she ended up on the ground.... she wasen't injured on the play so I can be happy about this pic!
 This is from our game against the Spain team, but I recently found them.
A nice general action shot.

Here is the link to the video of our game if anyone wants to take a look at it:

So the other big event of the week was our team Christmas party after our game on Wednesday. Now this was a fancy Christmas party, which included me having to wear a dress.. which everyone who reads this knows is my favorite thing to do!

The party was a lot of fun, it including drinking lots of wine or champagne... exchanging our secret Santa gifts, eating, and A LOT of dancing! I did not participate in the dancing part too much, as I did not want everyone to be subjected to the awfulness of it! the best dancer was by far our coach.. who came out of nowhere to surprise me as a good dancer!

So here are some pictures from the party, I know everyone wants to see my dress! lol

 Me and Amanda showing off our new dresses!
 Me and Marina, showing off our sign for making three's!
 This was when it was after midnight, and technically ONE week till I was going home.. I had to document my excitment!
 Most of the team before we headed home.
Amanda, Indre, me, and one of our sponsors!

So that was the Exciting Wednesday I had, now its 4 days until I am home and I have one Lithuanian league game left to play and some practices... So time to start packing!!!! :) :) :) 

Until next time (which wont be for awhile),



17 déc. 2010

When I get home....

So the title of this update is appropriate as I am so excited to get home! I cannot wait to see my friends and family, but I am also very excited to have the wonderful little things back in my life for a week.

Me and Amanda spend a good amount of time talking about what we will eat, or where will go when were home, so I figure I would let everyone else know what I am looking forward to most:

1- SUBWAY... everyday... Chicken Bacon Ranch sub. I have missed this delicious place, and it has been WAAAAAY to long since I had a sub. (Dad- hint hint.. since your picking me up from the airport... ;)

2- Cool Ranch Doritios- Don't ask me why, but since I have been in Lithuania, I have craved this.. It isin't even something that I had often when I was home, but it sounds delicious to me.

3- Uncle Dans ranch dip and veggies- My mom's specialty for whenever I get home from a trip, so I am putting in my order to have a whole plate of veggies to myself, because I will destroy it.

4- Yellow Mustard & Ranch- I have missed these in my life, and I cannot wait to be able to have a sandwich and put on a condiment! Oh and I will be taking some back here with me.

5- Bagels- All I want is a soft bagel... There is no such thing here, and I once again have missed these in my life.

6- MOES- doesn't  a calorie filled burrito sound delicious? I think it does! Since I no longer live in VT, I cannot get these delicious treat, so it is on my list for when I take a visit to UVM.

7- Tim Hortons- I will order a hot chocolate, then a bagel, and then possible 5 donuts (maybe im exaggerating)... I will then order this everyday until I leave.

8- East Side Mario's- Best Garden Salad.. that is all I want from there :)

9- A DRYER- All my clothes will be thrown into the dryer, just so I can value the soft and fluffy feel of all my clothes again! It has been so long since I havent had a crusty sock to put on.

10- Walmart- Yes.. I miss this place greatly.

Yes I realize this mostly has to do with food I will be consuming, and I could go on for another 20 things.. but I figured my top 10 will do!

I will be updating soon, with details about our latest win, and with pics from both the game and our teams Christmas party.. but I figured this post has you salivating for food, and you now need time to go grab some delicious food for yourself.

Until next time,


14 déc. 2010

9 days :)

I figure a quick update would be nice! Me and some of the other girls on Sunday went and did a commercial/ handed out flyers in the city's old town center. Me and Amanda had not really ventured out there yet, so we were pretty impressed that we found the place all by ourselves (without getting lost) AND by the center itself.

Now if I was back in Vermont passing out flyers for an upcoming game, I would be outgoing and chat up a storm with anyone or anyone who would listen. Here it is MUCH more difficult, as all I can manage is "laba diena" and hand a flyer to them. If someone starts to speak Lithuanian back to me... I just shrug and say "english". Most people just walk away after that.

Needless to say it was a lot of fun, and as promised here is the link to the video and some photos:

I got some bad news last night, as Jackie was unable to come today since her visa issue was not sorted out. If she came she probably would have been deported... which would not be good... so this week its just two games and team Christmas party. Not a bad week to me!

Also almost all my Christmas gifts are done, just a couple more and then im DONE!

Until next time,


12 déc. 2010

A week of Excitement!

So time is flying by here in Lithuania! This past week has been awesome for me personally! First of all we won our Euroleague game against Spain on Wednesday :) Again it was in dramatic fashion as we won in overtime. I got to start my first Euroleague game, so I was very excited about this. Let me tell you after playing an average of maybe 12-15 mins in all the other games, I was a little tired after playing 14 mins straight! I will not complain about it, but shout out to Amanda for encouraging me!!! There were positives about our game.. of winning is nice, but we also get a bonus for our win! Must say its nice to get more money just for getting a win :).  The win didn't come without its setbacks though, our star player Ausra was injured towards the end of the game, and is out for the rest of the Euroleague season... :( It will make it tougher to get more wins, but it will makes our team better as we all have to step up now.

Thursday was a very interesting day for me and Amanda. It was one of those days that we were both giddy, so it made for many laughs. The best way to describe our day is from the Facebook post I sent her after the day:

Recap of day: wearing moccasins outside in the snow= wet feet and moccasins. Encounter with grumpy cashier man who was a dick and tried to sell lottery tickets to us. Drive around all of Kaunas on one-way unploughed streets, almost making me have to get out and push the car out of the snow. Finally find our destination..... only to find out later that its a no-go. Show up to practice an hour late.. NBD. Beat our male coach in bench press.. Gotcha? almost break my ankle trying to be quick at OPTIONAL practice. One chatty cathy a.k.a God with an A. Having to sit in a left turning only lane, wanting to go straight- only to be stared at by 15 year old punks crossing the street. Pulled over by cops.. for NO reason, of course they speak english! New glove purchase.. another failed donut attempt... almost leaving keys in the ignition...and almost losing wallet- only to find it in between the door and seat of our car.. oh ya the car that the BRAKES dont work.. and we've resorted to praying that people dont cross the street, or cars back out... ONLY IN LITHUANIA

Sorry if you don't understand  the post completely, but it was a great day! After a game Friday, we had one practice on Saturday morning, and then the rest of the weekend off! So Saturday was spent SHOPPING! I am glad to say that most of my Christmas shopping is done, and I am very excited to give them to the people I love.

Also.. Jackie finally officially purchased her ticket :) She will be here Tuesday and leave Saturday... I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW EXCITED I AM!!!!!  I cant wait to finally see one of my best friends, and I know I will have plenty to post about our week.

My last good news I received this week, was that I am home from the 23rd to 1st (possibly the 2nd)! This is longer then I thought, so I was very happy! My ticket has been booked, but not yet bought so I am still hesitant to say this officially, but Im coming home!!! :) 

Well I am off to adventure into making a commercial with some of my team-mates... Not sure how this type of thing works in Lithuania, but we will see. Then a little more shopping! :).

 I will leave you with some pictures to look at!

 A bit of an awkward shot, but you can notice the lack of shorts I have to wear..
 I think I am about to drive.. but again short shorts.

Don't want to post this one, but I know my parents will be angry if I don't... A poster for our upcoming game this week. Yes that is me in the middle.. 


Until next time,


5 déc. 2010

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

There is not much to update in the last week, as it has been full of traveling, but I will do my best to share some stories.

This week we we went to Moscow, Russia. I had the pleasure of experiencing Russia in the summer a few years back with Canada Basketball. I can't say all my memories of that trip were so positive, so I was looking forward to making some good ones! The biggest thing was stepping off the plane in Russia and feel the brisk minus 30  with snow weather! I am glad to say i have been proudly supporting my Vancouver Olympic mittens, so they kept me warm during this trip.

As a Canadian, I know all about cold weather... and I think it is just knowing to be smart and bundle up that makes me enjoy the cold weather, and snow. My team think I'm a little crazy to be all bundled up to head outside, but at the same time I am not complaining about being cold like they do. :)

The game did not go well at all for us as we got beat badly. It is for sure frustrating losing, but you can't do much when the reigning MVP of the WNBA goes 5 from 5 from behind the arc.

One thing that Russia had was a mall right across from the hotel, so on Thursday me and Amanda took the trek to the mall and found Starbucks :) It was great to enjoy a little NA (north american) treat. We also tried to get McDonalds breakfast... but they apparently do not serve it..?

After finally getting back from Russia late Thursday night...we arrived to a little warmer weather, but still had snow on the ground. So I was happy that everywhere I go it really does look like Christmas, which makes me excited to go home.

Our game on Saturday went well, as we once again won by 40 or so, and we got rewarded with the day off on Sunday!

Me and Amanda decided to go to the mall once we got back from our little day trip for our game, and to our very pleasant surprise we walked into some sort of concert in the mall. With some guy singing Micheal Jackson songs (the first song we heard was Dirty Diana)! It was interesting to see so many in the middle of the mall so into his performance, and we indulged ourselves for a few minuets!

Other then that, I am excited to finally get my new credit card, so I can finish my Christmas shopping for everyone back home!

Sunday (today) me and Amanda ventured out to try bowling. It is basically the same as bowling in NA. Me and Amanda split the 4 games we played, so no real winner came from it, but we will go again and have a winner come out on top! We also went out and got a small Christmas tree to put in Amanda's apartment, so decorations and all will be put up along with stockings. We will have our own little Christmas party before we head home.

Speaking of home.. only 2 weekends left here, and 18 days till I am home! :) Cannot wait!

Until next time,