31 janv. 2011

Bucket List

So I will start this blog with the apologizes of not having written in awhile, but I will give you a recap of what has happened here in Lithuania since my last blog!

So basketball- We did redeem ourselves for our last Euroleague game. We played Tarbes at home, and pulled out a thrilling 1 point victory. Our team played very well, and it was a good game the entire way. I personally think i played well, but think my defense is what I am most proud of.. I don't usually play that well, so I am very happy with my effort. Another win means more bonus money, so that is always good (Don't worry already spent it). So now we were left waiting to see the result of another game in our group. We wanted the Czech team to win their game, which means we would sneak into the playoffs.. unfortunately they did not win and we missed the playoffs by a tie-breaker.

This just goes to show, that you always want to be the one to control your outcome, and not rely on others. So now we do not have anymore Euroleague games, but our team exceeded expectations and we finished on a high note!

So now we have had a little more free time, and Amanda and I (Leesa... :P ) have used this time to cross off some things on our Bucket List! Yes we made one of all the things we want to do here in Lithuania!

We can now proudly cross off: trip to Vilnius (capital), attending a Zalgris game, and finding Amanda's family

I will post more about our Vilnius trip, as it deserves its own blog entry, but I know Amanda was very excited to get in touch with her family here, and they even came to one of our games! The Zalgris game was just like you imagine a crazy European sporting event.. things being thrown on the floor, fights breaking out, lots of noise, and the occasional F U chant towards the refs! The one things that really surprised me, was that the fans of the home team (Zalgris) would boo every time an American came into the game. They did not like not having 5 Lithuanians on the floor. I could not imagine playing a home game, and getting booed!

 Amanda and I on the way to the game.
 an action shot
 The crazy fans
Me and Giedre at the game!

These are just a few pictures, so you can all remember what I look like! 

In other big news.. I was told I am in the Dunk contest for the Lithuanian All-Star game... yes I said DUNK contest. I still don't really believe it, but all the girls tell me that they lower the rims and its an actual event. No I have no idea what dunks I will do.. I am just hoping I do not get hurt, and that I do not make a complete fool of myself!

I will of course blog about it, so you can share in the experience.

I promise to blog about my trip this past weekend to Vilnius, but that will be later in the week. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying North America for me!

Until Next time, 


16 janv. 2011


Im back to the blogging world!

Sorry it has been so long, but being home and then arriving back in Lithuania, and time has gotten away from me!

Let me begin from where I left off: HOME. One word to describe my week vacation: AMAZING! Most of you know my horrible traveling schedule that made it so I missed Christmas with my mom, and arrive home on the 24th at 10pm, so I wont recap that.. but I was soo happy to get time at home.

In between spending some quality family time, and hanging out with my friends.. there was not much time to relax. I am not complaining by any means... I loved every moment of being home, even taking a Jack Daniels shot with my father (not a Jack fan)!.

Traveling back to Lithuania was much easier,, not one delayed, missed, or canceled flight! It took me about a solid week to get back to a regular sleeping pattern. It wasen't all bad, as I got to stay up and watch the World Juniors play.. even the disastrous final.

One interesting thing that happened since I have been back, is me having a little issue with food poisoning. I will again spare the details, but it was not fun and I was out for a bit recovering from it. I am still cautious about the food I eat, as I couldn't determine the cause of it.

We traveled to Prague for our second last euroleague game. One word for the game: embarrassing! We did not play well at all, and simply did not show up to play. We have one last game this week, and if we win we have a chance to sneak into the playoffs depending on other results. Either way we are looking at this game as one we have to win, and to redeem ourselves from last week!

Its nice to be back, and to get back into a routine with basketball. I miss everyone at home, and hope the last 3 + months fly by here so I can see everyone again!

Until next time,