13 nov. 2011

First win, and a birthday!

Soo its been a little time since I have updated, but somehow this year I feel like I have much less time then I did last year…. I’m sure I am just getting lazy, but I finally have gotten round to writing this blog.

So let me tell you about what I have been doing since I last wrote…. We have had two more euroelague games…one which we went to Russia and lost, and another one last week at home that we WON!

So let me start with the Russia trip…it was an awful trip, as we left around 3pm the day before our game, and arrived in Russia the morning of our game around 8 am. We had a four hour time difference to deal with, and we also had to fly overnight. Needless to say I’ve never had to do that kind of travelling before a game in my life…  We played Candace Parker’s team and came out flat and stayed that way… and lost by 30. Not much else to say about the game.. it was ugly.

Here are two photos from our walk when we were in Russia:

After this game.. our fourth straight loss the mood was obviously down, but we had a solid Lithuanian game that weekend and then we all got together to celebrate one of our team-mates birthday (Vaida). I think this helped us all bond together, and get our minds off basketball for a bit.

The party was of course held at our house since its massive, and everyone on the team came out including our trainer! Here are some pictures of the party!

 The cake... Yes it was a Barbie theme party...
 Our lovely sign for the b-day girl
 Jello shots in the form of the Lithuanian flag! (big hit)
 Part of the decorations... it took a long time to decorate our big house!
 Amanda, me, and Mante (new roomie)
 Vaida, Mante, me, and Amanda
Almost the whole team together!!

So we all came the next week ready to get our first euroleague win! We were playing at home, and against a team that only had 1 win so far. We knew that if we played well we could win. Lucky for us we came out shooting the ball really well and gained a lead right away and never looked back. Of course there was lots to fix, but we finally got our first win and it could not feel any better!!!

Here are some photos from the game, and from our last Lithuanian game:

 My supposed foul.. I still believe I got all ball :)
 Amanda and I defending a screen and roll.
 In our Euroleague game.. I did not make the shot, but the photo still looks cool!
A random action shot.

We are off to Poland this week for another Euroleague game, and have another Lithuanian game as well... I am hoping we have the same kind of week we just had: two wins.

That's all for now,


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