23 oct. 2011

another week gone by..

Another week has flown by here in Lithuania! We had a euroleague game in Spain, so we had some more flights and long travel days… The game did not go well at all for us. The team cohesion is just not where it should be, so hopefully we will clean that up before our next game.

Spain is an amazing country, and I really would love to play there someday.  We were able to walk around the hotel area and enjoy the weather a bit. Walking around in shorts and a shirt in October is always nice.

Here are some photos from out travel, as we flew through London on the way there and Italy on the way back!

 Krispy Kreme donuts for the team!
They had a London 2012 store... didnt buy anything because I will be there in the summer

Only in Italy would they have pizza's in a vending machine... made fresh!

I am looking forward to being in Lithuania for a whole week without travelling on a plane! I have seen too many of them the past two weeks. We play Prague this week at home… our first home game, and I think we will all come out with something to prove.

So I promised some more photos from my lovely house in Lithuanian, so here they are!

 Once I arrived.. our kitchen and dinning area

 The sign I walked into once I entered the house..
 our small tv and fireplace
Upstairs.. my room (before I set anything up)

We also had out lovely photo shoot this week, where we had the entire hair and makeup done for us again, although this year was not as bad as last year.. and we had our photo shoot in a car dealership, so the pictures should be interesting.. (they will be posted when I get them).
 Our team photo- Vici Aistes 2011-2012

My head shot... number 13 this year.

Well that is all for me now.. Hope all is well back across the ocean!


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