1 oct. 2011

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

Hi all!

So as many of you know... we lost our semi-finals last night by 2 against Argentina. This could have been one of the most disappointing games i've been in a LONG time!

Normally I wont complain about the ref situation, but we felt like the outcome would have been different if the ref was aware of the situation at the end of the game. Needless to say it didn't work out that way, and we lost. Like the title of my post says... what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Our entire team was upset, anger, and frustrated after the game. It is always tough to lose, but when you feel like you deserved to win.. its even tougher.

With that said, we play in the third place game tonight, and were looking to bounce back and finish strong. I absolutely love this team, and know that next summer we will qualify for the Olympics in the world qualifier!

My team-mates have worked so incredibly hard to earn this, and we know it will come for us.

Thats all for now,


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