29 sept. 2011

Update from Columbia

Hy there! So it's been a tough time getting wifi, seeing as there has been a hotel full of athletes all trying to get Internet at the same time. So sorry for my lack of updates! Butt we finished pool play 3-1 with our one loss being to brazil. We moved onto the semifinals and play Argentina tomorrow. With getting to the semis it means we qualify for the world qualifier in June for the olmypics where five teams go from there. So having that safety net is nice, but we want to win it all now and qualify. Next step for us is to win our semis. It's going to be a real tough game, but I have faith in our team. Other then playing, we have had a lot of down time where we have spent wondering around the hotel trying to find wifi, reading, watching tv, or sleeping. There really isn't much else you can do. But after having a hectic summer it's nice to just relax. That's all right now, and I'll try to update soon Courtnay

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