21 sept. 2011

Puerto Rico

So we spent 4 days in Puerto Rico and had 2 exhibition games.... we went 1-1.. with our first game being pretty ugly... but we got it out of our systems so that was probably the only positive that came from the game. The second game was MUUUCH better! Although it turned out to be a football game almost.. both teams started to take some liberties with fouling and being aggressive since the refs were letting us do that.
Needless to say, we both settled down and we came away with the victory!

Now we had to play at 8pm... got back showered, packed, and ate and by this time it was probably around 1 am for most of us! Not soo bad.. unless you have a 3:30am wake up call! Well needless to say we all got up and headed to the airport. Now we had a nice 6 am flight BACK to Ft. lauderdale.. yes back into the USA... seems silly but we didn't complain and just went about travelling. Then we flew into Bogota, Columbia and had a 6 hour lay over.. yes SIX hours!!! But we were lucky enough to get rooms at the Sheraton to relax and nap for a bit, until our last flight which was a short one into Neiva! Got in around 9pm..

Now thats a long day considering we were already in South America to begin with.. but we are here, and ready to go after getting a good night sleep!

Here are some pics from Puerto Rico:
 The gym we played in for one of our games..
 The view from my hotel room.. not to bad!

 A random Castle.. that my dad is convinced is the Bacardi castle
 A random street I passed while touring around.
 The view from a bridge towards our hotel
 The beautiful water we passed everyday, but never got to go to... 
 Some nice view of the water.. again!
 Really was a beautiful place
 Random San Juan photos...
 Another random...
The hotel had a rooftop hot tub and pool.. Yes we took advantage of it!

Well thats all I have for now, a few practices here in Columbia and then first game against Mexico on Saturday!  For those of you in Canada.. the games will be played on TSN2 on tape delay, so look at your guide to see when they are playing!!


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