11 sept. 2011

Last week home

So the last week I was at home went by soo fast! I went to NYC for Labour day weekend, with a couple friends and then met Jackie(my college roomie) in the city.
The weekend was a lot of fun! Some highlights were just going down to Time Square, and experiencing “New York”. Also going to see Sister Act on Broadway was  phenomenal!

I also got to meet up with a friend of Jackie and I, who lived in New Jersey. It is always nice seeing people you haven’t seen in a couple years! There were many photo opportunities in New York, so I wont share them all, but here are a few that are my favorites.

 Yes we got to go to Carlos Bakery (where they film cake boss)
 Jori, Cliff, and I enjoying the rooftop restaurant in NJ
 Jori and I in Central Park
 Jackie, Jori and I getting ready to enjoy the NYC night life
 Jackie and I in Time Square
Jori and I enjoying our frist trip to the big apple!

Once I got back, it was a busy two days, filled with lots and lots of laundry and packing! I was leaving on Friday to head to National Team camp, where I would be gone for a month and then once I got back I would only have two days at home before heading off to Lithuania. Needless to say my packing took longer then I thought, and I was frantically rushing around the day before I left!

One of my favorite things before I left, was being able to watch NFL opening day! I cannot tell you the last time I was able to sit down and watch a football game on an actually tv! (not streamed online at 11pm). It is the little things like this that I miss when I am away.

So now I am in Toronto, training with the national team. We are putting our last little preparation in before heading out for our Olympic Qualifiers! The team feels extremely confident in our chances, and has put in years and years of work for a chance to qualify.

We leave the 17th to head to Puerto Rico for a couple exhibition games, and then to Columbia!!

I will be updating as best as I can while away, so you can all follow Team Canada as we qualify for London 2012!

Sidenote- we have a team blog (http://canadaball.blogspot.com) if you want to follow that as well!


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