15 nov. 2010

Great Day! :)

So Today has been a great day, so I am even more inclined to actually pry myself away from watching movies or t.v shows online to finally sit down and blog!

So what have I been up to this past week... well I can't say its been too exciting, like other weeks but we did get to go to Istanbul, Turkey for a game. It is nice to travel to a new country every other week, and see the world! We unfortunately lost our game again, but we will rebound for a better game this week.

I did not get to explore Turkey like I did with Spain, as I elected to workout instead of go to the mall (go figure). I do have to say the fitness center in the hotel we stayed at was amazing! There was a full weight room, which I had to myself and jammed out while having a nice long lift. There was also a nice pool, sauna, and cardio room. I was pretty happy with my decision to workout, instead of spending money I don't really have.

I know it probably isin't entertaining to hear about how much I like the fitness center, but it was that note worthy to talk about. When we got back from Turkey on Thursday night, me and Amanda had an encounter with the cops, as we were pulled over for speeding. There are no signs posted anywhere about speed limits, so we didn't really know 50km was the limit... Needless to say we freaked out when we first saw the cop motioning for us to pull over, as we are always told to bribe the cops if you get pulled over. We didn't have to and everything worked out, but still had our hearts beating fast for awhile.

During our off day, me and Amanda went and saw the movie Unstoppable (the train movie). It was good, and always good to get out of are apartments. We also went to this Steak House before the movie, which all of you know my love for steak so we were very happy when we discovered this place. It was a neat experience, as you order the steak you want and then they bring the raw steak out on a hot marble slab and it cooks in front of you, and your free to take it off whenever its the way you like it!

Needless to say that will be a place that we will be going back to! We also have found some other interesting places to try some food. We found an upscale restaurant that we stumbled upon when driving around looking for a new place to try. It was attached to a hotel, and had a nice atmosphere to it. The food was good, but WAY TO SMALL of portions of food. Along with it being on the pricey side, we probably wont be going back there.

One of our favorite places to go is the Sandwich bar. Now this place is amazing, you can order many types of sandwiches and they make it for you on the best bread ever. It is served warm, which makes it that much better, and I usually get a smoothie to go with it. We go there at least once a week, and love it every time. Whats even better is that they have free wi-fi!!!

One of our most visited restaurants, is one of the sponsors of the team- Charlie Pizza. We normally go there after games, and use our 40% off card to get a quick, cheap meal. Me and my stomach do not get along with Lithuanian dairy for some reason, so i have had to expand my options away from Pizza, which is delicious at Charlie's, but its still got some good things for me to have!

We have also found this Burrito place, that we have not tried yet. The reason being that when we saw the sign for this place, we were so happy that we found a place in Lithuanian that makes burritos, as me and Amanda have both been craving a burrito from our respective homes. Naturally we went back to try this place the next time we could, and as we are getting closer to it.. we realize that it is a shack! Not a legit restaurant, but a shack. So at 9:30 at night after a long road trip, we decided that going up to a dark shack looking for "fresh" meat would not be a good idea.
     We will still try this place eventually, but maybe during normal hours of the day! Now all this food talk has got me hungry!

Now the real reason why I am so happy today, is because I received 3 packages today, and also found out my best friend from college (the one and only Jackie Thode- a.k.a my wife) is coming to visit me soon (about 3 weeks). The dates have not been finalized yet, but I AM ECSTATIC!
Now the packages, one was a gift I ordered that finally arrived, and then one package was from my dad and Nicolette- although it was a tad late it was full of fun Halloween goodies. Yes me and Amanda even listened to the 8 year old Monster Mash cd on our way to practice!
The last package was from my amazing SID Lisa from UVM! She sent me two Vermont shirts, and reminded me of my "roots". I am happily wearing one shirt as we speak!

So getting packages from people back home and in Vermont was great, and brightened my day up! I do miss everyone back home, and can't wait for Christmas to come to see everyone!

We have another Euroleague game tomorrow against the team from Prague, but luckily its at home and we did not have to travel this week! So its bed time for me!

Pictures will be coming on the next post...

Until next time,

Courtnay :)

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