22 nov. 2010

Quick Update!

Just a quick update for all my followers out there.. (basically my parents and Leesa)!

We are off to France tomorrow, another hectic traveling schedule. We leave at 4 am, to drive to Vilnius and fly out early in the morning, and after a couple flights we get to France, and another 2 hour bus ride to our destination. On the way back, we leave early on Thursday morning after our game Wednesday night and do not arrive back until 2pm on Thursday. Such a quick travel for just one game, but another new country and city to visit!

We lost our last game in Euroleague against the Prague team. It was a closer game, but again our team did not play well and we just didn't get the job done.  We are hoping to rebound in France and get another win!

The only real excitement... well disappointment that has gone on this week, is me losing my wallet.  Don't worry my credit cards have been cancelled... BUT I freaked out a bit, not being able to find it. I went back to the store I last used it at, and it was no where to be found... not in my apartment, the car, or the gym.. :(. I apparently have the knack for losing things... although I am baffled how I lost my wallet this time.

Thankfully Amanda has let me run a tab on her, and once my new cards get sent over (HOPEFULLY SOON)! I will gladly be paying her back. It is frustrating not having any money, and now having to replace all the things lost in my wallet.. :(

First purchase when my new cards arrive.. a new wallet... I guess that's just how life goes...

I will update everyone soon after our trip to France!

Miss everyone, and I will be home soon! :)

Until next time,


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