5 févr. 2011

Vilnius :)

So I promised a blog about my trip last weekend to Vilnius!

It started out on Saturday afternoon with Amanda, Lina (one of my team-mates), and I packing into the small car Amanda and I share and heading out on the road. The trip consisted of the usual loud singing of oldie songs, and making of goofy videos.

We got into Vilnius and checked into our hotel, and then drove around exploring and grabbed some food at the mall close to us. (Bad choice to go to a mall.. I ended up buying a pair of shoes). We had planned on going out for a night on the town, so we relaxed in our hotel for a bit and then started to get ready for our evening.

Our evening was a successful one. I can't go into too much detail, as some of it may still be fuzzy for me :). Either way Amanda and I were very excited to be out of sweats and into some girlie clothes. We also were able to met up with some english speaking men.. so it was great to be able to hold a conversation. I even had an argument on how I believe the Miami heat will make it to the NBA finals this year.

Sunday was the day for us to explore Vilnius' center and the old town. Now we didn't explore it all, we were able to venture up to the top of this castle, which led to being able to see over the whole city. It was pretty neat. Walking around in the old town was a lot of fun, and we of course found ourselves in some little shops.

Although our trip was not long at all, it was jammed packed and we absolutely LOVED Vilnius, and are planning on going back very soon.

Here are some photos of the trip:
 Ready for our night out!
 Chessy mirror photo, but it turned out really well!
 At the top of the castle, with Vilnius in the background
 Right before we headed out..
 Nice photo of me and the city in the background
 It wouldn't be a blog without me and a silly photo- Lithuanian Power :)
 I love this photo.. It was Really windy up at the top, so my hair was everywhere!

View of Vilnius from the top of the castle.
So that was the trip to Vilnius, and it was a great first trip! I know everyone is wondering about the Dunk contest and what not, but that will be coming very soon! 

Until next time,

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