23 févr. 2011


So this past weekend, our team won the DnB Cup.. now I don't know exactly what that means, because our team got a bid straight to the semi-finals while other teams had to play for 3 months just to get to the finals...

Anyway, I did not realize that it was such a big deal until we won, and they had a ceremony and confetti along with trophies and medals! It was cool to have a celebration for winning.. I mean who doesn't like a celebration?!?!? It was nice to have champagne poured into our trophy and drink out of it, like it was the NCAA championships!

The best part, was we had our whole team back for these games! :) We were back to full strength, and it was great to have a sub once in awhile! Now that this cup is done, we have a few more weeks of Lithuanian league regular season before playoffs, and Baltic league final four starts.

Within that time Amanda's parents come.. this weekend, and then my dad and Nicolette come in the middle of March, so that is something to look forward tooo! :)

Here are some pictures of our team winning:

Nice picture of us all with confetti and the trophy :)

 Drinking champagne out of the trophy! :)
 An action shot from the semi-finals
 Me getting a check for being mvp... Love being a pro athlete!
 A funny photo of our team after we fell down while photographers took photos of us.

So that was my weekend, now we only have one game this week, so a little rest time. Not much else to share for now, I'll be sure to blog again when some more excitement happens!

Until next time, 


2 commentaires:

  1. "now I don't know exactly what that means"....

    HAHA, oh Courtnay. you are silly. Congrats on winning, even if you don't knwo what it is!!! (hehe)

  2. lol.. the life in Europe... day by day... hour by hour... never know exactly whats going on!