6 mars 2011

Not so much new..

Im just writing a quick little something to say that really not much has been going on here.. We've had 3 Lithuanian games since the tournament... we won all 3.

I didn't get to play in the last two as I had a minor injury, so didn't want to risk getting hurt more to try and push through the two games.. This week I should be able to get back to normal and start practicing. Its funny how much you miss something when you cant do it for a couple days.

Other then that Amanda's parents were here all week, so that was awesome to finally meet her parents, and of course we explored the city more, and even found some new places for us to visit.. A nice restaurant, paintball, and a new mall! :)

My dad and Nicolette come a week on Tuesday, so I am praying I will be able to clean my apartment before they get here.. and of course Im really excited to see them, and show them around!

Thats all on my end! I hope everyone is enjoying North America.. I will be back soon!

Until next time,


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