14 mars 2011

Linas visits Lithuania :)

So, this past week hasen't had much entertainment. We had one game which we won by 40 against the second best team. It was great to be back on the court and play.

We had two days off this weekend.... which was so nice to be able to sleep in and just relax. No crazy adventures, but I did spend a lot of the weekend cleaning getting prepared for MY DAD :)

I am soo excited too see my dad and Nicolette. They come tomorrow until Sunday, so I will have plenty to blog about next week.

So another short post, but I promise an exciting blog after this week.

Until next time,

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  1. Hey Courtnay!

    Just now catching up on your blog...busy here. Congrats on the big win and on your MVP status! Exciting! I know you'll enjoy your visit with Dad and Nicolette. I had hoped to sneak a little something from Bob and me into Linas's suitcase, but my timing sucked. So sorry! Have a wonderful visit! And we'll be seeing you soon I gather! Lots of love, xoxoxo