27 mars 2011

My week with my dad!

First of all, let me apologize for not blogging in awhile... I have been pretty busy lately! Now I have some more free time, so I will fill you in on my dad and Nicolettes wonderful trip to Lithuania!!

Nicolette and my dad first stopped in Holland for a couple days, so I had to wait till Tuesday to go pick them up from the airport. I had practice in the morning, and then Amanda and I busted out of there very fast to drive the hour to Vilnius to pick them up. I was so excited that I ran and jumped onto my dad, I think I startled him as he didn't see me coming!

Now I didnt have as much time as I wish to show them around Lithuania, seeing as I had two practices most days, but we made do... The day they arrived, Amanda and I dropped them off to explore downtown a bit while we practices, and then went to this traditional Lithuanian restaurant to get the National dish- Cepelinai... Needless to say it is very filling!

So the next day I had practice in the morning and then the rest of the day off, so we decided to go to Trakai.. It is about 40 mins away from where I live and it is a very famous castle in Lithuania and  Vytautas the Great helped finish it, and also died in this castle. (my dad knew ALL the history, and told me what the castle was all about.. but of course I tuned him out most of the time and can't remember exactly he said). It was a lot of fun, Amanda, Lina (one of my team-mates), and I went around taking silly photos and whatnot, while my dad and Nicolette stopped to read all the historical stuff. It was great to see something I had not yet seen!

Here are some photos:
 Lina, me, Amanda on our way to the castle
 Lina and I excited to get the day started!
 Right as you walk into the Castle.
 Dad and Nicolette before heading over to the castle...
 The castle from a far, it really was a nice view!
 Picture inspired by AK...
Taking a break from touring the castle with my dad  :)

Once we were done with Trakai, we headed back into Kaunas to meet up with some of my team-mates for dinner. I wanted my dad to see my friends not just from a basketball standpoint, so it was nice to go out and relax for the night. Of course Nicolette and my dad had to have their first fried bread and beer tower experience all at one of our teams sponsors: Charlie's Pizza!
 Dad, me, and Nicolette after their first Charlie's experience
 The fab 5 :)

 The beer tower... HAD to have dad experience this!!
Me, Marina, and Giedre :)

So the next day I had two practices, so Nicolette and my dad decided to go visit Klaipeda, another city in Lithuania that is about 2 hours away. It is known for its water, as it connects into the Baltic Sea. Also it is known for its Amber, so it was a must see for them! They had a great time and enjoyed the day to themselves. Later that evening when they got back.. we stayed in and made dinner in my apartment and watched the movie Burlesque. These are the times I miss about home.. just being able to sit at home and "veg" watching a movie with my dad. 

Friday was game day, so my dad and Nicolette went and visited Old town in the morning, and then Amanda and I made them breakfast for when they got back. I must say, I have gotten a bit better at cooking while I've been living on my own! Next stop was to show my dad around the gym where I spend all of my time! My dad loved it, and was happy that he got to see the yellow, red, and green chairs...
More photos to document the gym I live in:
 Chatting away about something basketball related...
 Dad and I at center court <3
 Look its Vici!!
 Vici Aistes.
 My dad was literally soooo happy to see the gym!
Of course... the red, yellow, and green chairs.. Ha ha

After stopping at the gym, my dad and Nicolette followed the team bus to Vilnius, where our game was being played. They then got to see my play in one of our Lithuanian league games. We won by 50, so it wasen't too entertaining, but of course my dad was just happy to see me play! 
 Dad and I after my game :)
 Amanda, me, and my dad! Go North America! :)
Amanda, Lina, and I (yes I know how white I am)!

So Saturday was my dad and Nicolette's last day in Lithuania, and Amanda and I drove to Vilnius to meet them after our practice Saturday morning. We went to lunch at this pancake place, where it serves all kinds of crepes filled with whatever you want. It was delicious! Next we walked around the old town of Vilnius looking at souvenir shops, and of course the linen and amber shops.  

Then it was off to dinner, to get some more Lithuanian food and then to the Sky bar... which is on the top floor of a hotel, and has the best view of Vilnius at night. We spent the night there just talking.. okay maybe the occasional argument about technology and my age group...  Either way we had a lot of fun on their last night here. 
 Starting the evening off at the hotel bar, LOVE my dad :)
 Ya.. got my dad to have a cosmopolitan...:)
At the restaurant, enjoying the last night!

So my dad and Nicolette's trip has come to an end :(. It was a great time, and had some great memories! I will be home soon enough to see everyone at home, but it was nice to have home in Lithuania for a few days!

I am so grateful to have parents who love me, and support me halfway across the world :) My moms just waiting for me to play in a warmer place :) (don't blame her)!

This past week has been crazy for basketball, we went to Belarus for the Baltic league semi-finals. We won 3 games in 3 days, but I will blog more about that soon!

Hope everyone is doing well! :)

Until next time,

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