16 sept. 2010

Athens, Greece

Hi all,

So we have traveled from France to Athens, Greece. The trip over was another fun experience that tested our patience, as we got told to walk to one end of the airport to check in and then be told to go back where we started, and then off to another check in point. All and all it was a lot of walking and standing until we finally boarded the plane and off to another country.

We had a day off today, so we went and visited Acropolis. It was neat to go visit all the old( but restored) buildings and ruins. We took plenty of team photos, and walked around for an hour, just enjoying looking out and seeing the scenery. After that we walked down to do a little shopping, most bought jewelry or postcards.

The afternoon was off, and we all settled in to our rooms prepared for a couple hours of facebook, shows, or catching up on e-mails. To our surprise we didn't have internet access!! Of course our team freaked out, and didn't know what to do with ourselves. It is funny to see how reliant we are on internet in this day and age. Luckily we got internet back in our lives, and we didn't have to resort to reading or something silly like that!

We have practice tomorrow, and then games Saturday and Sunday. These are our last games before the World Championships, so we are looking to improve on things and fix all the details before we head to Czech.

Until the next one..

P.S I don't have a camera, as mine is currently broken/lost some cables, so i will post pictures as soon as I can.

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