7 sept. 2010

My First Blog!

I figured I would join many of my friends and join the world of blogging! It seems appropriate, as I have started so many new things recently; first time not in school, first time on the National Team, first time as a professional athlete, and first time living on my own.

This blog will be to update all my friends and family on all my adventures I’m sure to have this year.

I start my travels in France, where I am currently on the first stop with the senior national team. Traveling to France was not bad, as it was a relatively quick 7 hour flight. The biggest negative for me was turning off my beloved blackberry, until I get to Lithuania next month and try and get a European sim card put in. I hate not being able to talk to my friends and family at the drop of a hat. Facebook and emails it will have to be for a while, which isin’t always a bad thing. Sometimes being removed from technology can be good for the body.

My first day in France was good. We had a light practice and got settled into the hotel. I am very excited to start off my first senior team experience. We start our tournament on Thursday playing the host team France. I am so thankful that we get to play against someone other than ourselves. We have had about fifty days of practice this summer where the team has playing against ourselves, minus some exhibition games. Needless to say the whole team and myself is excited!

That is all for now, hope you enjoyed my first blog entry. I promise the next ones will be more entertaining.

Till next time,

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