26 sept. 2010

First round

So our team said goodbye to Athens, and have moved onto Ostrava, Czech.  Our games in Athens were pretty good warm-ups for how things were gonna go in Czech. Both games we lost, but were close the whole way through. We had bit of a rivalry feeling forming, as both game were extremely physical. Our last game we almost stopped playing, as both teams were having people get injured. We almost got into a fight with the Greek team in the second game. Needless to say both teams calmed down, and we played the rest of the game, injury free.

Now we have finished the first pool play or the world championships. We went 1-2, with a huge win against China. It was such a great game to be a part of, as we rallied in the second half to win, and make it so our team moves onto the round of 12. China was ranked #7 in the world, and we are currently ranked 12th. Coming into the tournament, this was considered the pool of death.. but we conquered it! :)

The team is feeling pretty good about the way we have competed, and now we move onto play USA, Greece, and France. We are excited to play some more great teams, and taking the tournament one game at a time. We have the day off today, and most of us are just doing what we have done every other day, watching movies or shows on our computer. I have spent an incredible amount of time in hotels this past month. Lets just say I am ready to get out of the hotel for a nice team dinner tonight.

So that is all for now, I will try and update you after our next 3 games. Hope all is well with everyone else, time for me to watch another movie (go figure).


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