28 sept. 2010

World Championship photos

 Action shot against Tamika Catchings. (p.s my hair is INCREDIBLY long for me... this pic highlights it)
 Another action shot.. slightly different
My team :) and all the staff the day before the tournament kicked off!  I absolutely love our red uniforms.

The team after our BIG win against China. Such a great memory from this trip. More memories to come.
 Another celebration action shot!
Us after our game against Belarus, thanking the fans who are out here in the Czech supporting us.

I figured I'd post some photos, so you can see our nice new uniforms :).  We lost a tough one last night against the USA, as we just struggled against their size and speed. It was fun to play against my idol (Taurasi for anyone who didn't know) and all the WNBA stars.

Game today versus Greece, looking forward to a physical game for sure.

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