14 déc. 2010

9 days :)

I figure a quick update would be nice! Me and some of the other girls on Sunday went and did a commercial/ handed out flyers in the city's old town center. Me and Amanda had not really ventured out there yet, so we were pretty impressed that we found the place all by ourselves (without getting lost) AND by the center itself.

Now if I was back in Vermont passing out flyers for an upcoming game, I would be outgoing and chat up a storm with anyone or anyone who would listen. Here it is MUCH more difficult, as all I can manage is "laba diena" and hand a flyer to them. If someone starts to speak Lithuanian back to me... I just shrug and say "english". Most people just walk away after that.

Needless to say it was a lot of fun, and as promised here is the link to the video and some photos:

I got some bad news last night, as Jackie was unable to come today since her visa issue was not sorted out. If she came she probably would have been deported... which would not be good... so this week its just two games and team Christmas party. Not a bad week to me!

Also almost all my Christmas gifts are done, just a couple more and then im DONE!

Until next time,


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