17 déc. 2010

When I get home....

So the title of this update is appropriate as I am so excited to get home! I cannot wait to see my friends and family, but I am also very excited to have the wonderful little things back in my life for a week.

Me and Amanda spend a good amount of time talking about what we will eat, or where will go when were home, so I figure I would let everyone else know what I am looking forward to most:

1- SUBWAY... everyday... Chicken Bacon Ranch sub. I have missed this delicious place, and it has been WAAAAAY to long since I had a sub. (Dad- hint hint.. since your picking me up from the airport... ;)

2- Cool Ranch Doritios- Don't ask me why, but since I have been in Lithuania, I have craved this.. It isin't even something that I had often when I was home, but it sounds delicious to me.

3- Uncle Dans ranch dip and veggies- My mom's specialty for whenever I get home from a trip, so I am putting in my order to have a whole plate of veggies to myself, because I will destroy it.

4- Yellow Mustard & Ranch- I have missed these in my life, and I cannot wait to be able to have a sandwich and put on a condiment! Oh and I will be taking some back here with me.

5- Bagels- All I want is a soft bagel... There is no such thing here, and I once again have missed these in my life.

6- MOES- doesn't  a calorie filled burrito sound delicious? I think it does! Since I no longer live in VT, I cannot get these delicious treat, so it is on my list for when I take a visit to UVM.

7- Tim Hortons- I will order a hot chocolate, then a bagel, and then possible 5 donuts (maybe im exaggerating)... I will then order this everyday until I leave.

8- East Side Mario's- Best Garden Salad.. that is all I want from there :)

9- A DRYER- All my clothes will be thrown into the dryer, just so I can value the soft and fluffy feel of all my clothes again! It has been so long since I havent had a crusty sock to put on.

10- Walmart- Yes.. I miss this place greatly.

Yes I realize this mostly has to do with food I will be consuming, and I could go on for another 20 things.. but I figured my top 10 will do!

I will be updating soon, with details about our latest win, and with pics from both the game and our teams Christmas party.. but I figured this post has you salivating for food, and you now need time to go grab some delicious food for yourself.

Until next time,


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