12 déc. 2010

A week of Excitement!

So time is flying by here in Lithuania! This past week has been awesome for me personally! First of all we won our Euroleague game against Spain on Wednesday :) Again it was in dramatic fashion as we won in overtime. I got to start my first Euroleague game, so I was very excited about this. Let me tell you after playing an average of maybe 12-15 mins in all the other games, I was a little tired after playing 14 mins straight! I will not complain about it, but shout out to Amanda for encouraging me!!! There were positives about our game.. of winning is nice, but we also get a bonus for our win! Must say its nice to get more money just for getting a win :).  The win didn't come without its setbacks though, our star player Ausra was injured towards the end of the game, and is out for the rest of the Euroleague season... :( It will make it tougher to get more wins, but it will makes our team better as we all have to step up now.

Thursday was a very interesting day for me and Amanda. It was one of those days that we were both giddy, so it made for many laughs. The best way to describe our day is from the Facebook post I sent her after the day:

Recap of day: wearing moccasins outside in the snow= wet feet and moccasins. Encounter with grumpy cashier man who was a dick and tried to sell lottery tickets to us. Drive around all of Kaunas on one-way unploughed streets, almost making me have to get out and push the car out of the snow. Finally find our destination..... only to find out later that its a no-go. Show up to practice an hour late.. NBD. Beat our male coach in bench press.. Gotcha? almost break my ankle trying to be quick at OPTIONAL practice. One chatty cathy a.k.a God with an A. Having to sit in a left turning only lane, wanting to go straight- only to be stared at by 15 year old punks crossing the street. Pulled over by cops.. for NO reason, of course they speak english! New glove purchase.. another failed donut attempt... almost leaving keys in the ignition...and almost losing wallet- only to find it in between the door and seat of our car.. oh ya the car that the BRAKES dont work.. and we've resorted to praying that people dont cross the street, or cars back out... ONLY IN LITHUANIA

Sorry if you don't understand  the post completely, but it was a great day! After a game Friday, we had one practice on Saturday morning, and then the rest of the weekend off! So Saturday was spent SHOPPING! I am glad to say that most of my Christmas shopping is done, and I am very excited to give them to the people I love.

Also.. Jackie finally officially purchased her ticket :) She will be here Tuesday and leave Saturday... I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW EXCITED I AM!!!!!  I cant wait to finally see one of my best friends, and I know I will have plenty to post about our week.

My last good news I received this week, was that I am home from the 23rd to 1st (possibly the 2nd)! This is longer then I thought, so I was very happy! My ticket has been booked, but not yet bought so I am still hesitant to say this officially, but Im coming home!!! :) 

Well I am off to adventure into making a commercial with some of my team-mates... Not sure how this type of thing works in Lithuania, but we will see. Then a little more shopping! :).

 I will leave you with some pictures to look at!

 A bit of an awkward shot, but you can notice the lack of shorts I have to wear..
 I think I am about to drive.. but again short shorts.

Don't want to post this one, but I know my parents will be angry if I don't... A poster for our upcoming game this week. Yes that is me in the middle.. 


Until next time,


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