5 déc. 2010

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

There is not much to update in the last week, as it has been full of traveling, but I will do my best to share some stories.

This week we we went to Moscow, Russia. I had the pleasure of experiencing Russia in the summer a few years back with Canada Basketball. I can't say all my memories of that trip were so positive, so I was looking forward to making some good ones! The biggest thing was stepping off the plane in Russia and feel the brisk minus 30  with snow weather! I am glad to say i have been proudly supporting my Vancouver Olympic mittens, so they kept me warm during this trip.

As a Canadian, I know all about cold weather... and I think it is just knowing to be smart and bundle up that makes me enjoy the cold weather, and snow. My team think I'm a little crazy to be all bundled up to head outside, but at the same time I am not complaining about being cold like they do. :)

The game did not go well at all for us as we got beat badly. It is for sure frustrating losing, but you can't do much when the reigning MVP of the WNBA goes 5 from 5 from behind the arc.

One thing that Russia had was a mall right across from the hotel, so on Thursday me and Amanda took the trek to the mall and found Starbucks :) It was great to enjoy a little NA (north american) treat. We also tried to get McDonalds breakfast... but they apparently do not serve it..?

After finally getting back from Russia late Thursday night...we arrived to a little warmer weather, but still had snow on the ground. So I was happy that everywhere I go it really does look like Christmas, which makes me excited to go home.

Our game on Saturday went well, as we once again won by 40 or so, and we got rewarded with the day off on Sunday!

Me and Amanda decided to go to the mall once we got back from our little day trip for our game, and to our very pleasant surprise we walked into some sort of concert in the mall. With some guy singing Micheal Jackson songs (the first song we heard was Dirty Diana)! It was interesting to see so many in the middle of the mall so into his performance, and we indulged ourselves for a few minuets!

Other then that, I am excited to finally get my new credit card, so I can finish my Christmas shopping for everyone back home!

Sunday (today) me and Amanda ventured out to try bowling. It is basically the same as bowling in NA. Me and Amanda split the 4 games we played, so no real winner came from it, but we will go again and have a winner come out on top! We also went out and got a small Christmas tree to put in Amanda's apartment, so decorations and all will be put up along with stockings. We will have our own little Christmas party before we head home.

Speaking of home.. only 2 weekends left here, and 18 days till I am home! :) Cannot wait!

Until next time,


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