19 déc. 2010

Money Money MONNEEEY!

This is the saying I repeated after our last win.. over and over! With each euroleague win we get a bonus, so with our latest win we got another bonus :)

Now I know its not always about money, but its nice to be rewarded sometimes. So heading into Christmas break, we had our last euroleague game on Wednesday. We played a team from turkey, and the last time we played them it was a blow out by them, so we wanted to prove that we were a team  not to be steam-rolled. We always play well at home, so it was a good opportunity to get a big win before the holiday break.

The game started out well for us, and we were up at halftime and shooting the ball well. Everyone on our team was doing well, and it continued in the second half. Although they started to make some big shots and tried to comeback... our team continued to hit big shot after big shot to never let the lead slip.

When the final buzzer went off we were very happy, and danced to the vici theme song... Yes I guess the fish company has a little jingle they play during commercials and what not. This part reminds me of when I was at UVM and we danced all the time, so it was nice to have some similarities.

I got to start again, and play a lot, and I played pretty well so I was happy to contribute to this win.

Here are some action shots of me playing in the game:

 Yes I am using my left hand :)
 Dont know whats going on with my right hand, but still a nice shot
 Still using my left hand :)
 I like this one, even though Im not doing much...
 You might think Im left handed if you saw all these photos. lol
 Calling out a play.. no big deal.. its only Seimone Augustus...lol
 I am proud of this picture only for the fact that Slyvia Fowles ran into me, and she ended up on the ground.... she wasen't injured on the play so I can be happy about this pic!
 This is from our game against the Spain team, but I recently found them.
A nice general action shot.

Here is the link to the video of our game if anyone wants to take a look at it:

So the other big event of the week was our team Christmas party after our game on Wednesday. Now this was a fancy Christmas party, which included me having to wear a dress.. which everyone who reads this knows is my favorite thing to do!

The party was a lot of fun, it including drinking lots of wine or champagne... exchanging our secret Santa gifts, eating, and A LOT of dancing! I did not participate in the dancing part too much, as I did not want everyone to be subjected to the awfulness of it! the best dancer was by far our coach.. who came out of nowhere to surprise me as a good dancer!

So here are some pictures from the party, I know everyone wants to see my dress! lol

 Me and Amanda showing off our new dresses!
 Me and Marina, showing off our sign for making three's!
 This was when it was after midnight, and technically ONE week till I was going home.. I had to document my excitment!
 Most of the team before we headed home.
Amanda, Indre, me, and one of our sponsors!

So that was the Exciting Wednesday I had, now its 4 days until I am home and I have one Lithuanian league game left to play and some practices... So time to start packing!!!! :) :) :) 

Until next time (which wont be for awhile),



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