15 oct. 2010

First Lithuanian Game

So, Just a quick update! We played our first game today for our Lithuanian League. We won 112-48. The Lithuanian league is not suppose to be very strong, so this was no surprise to the team. We basically use these games to work on stuff to play in the other league (euroleauge).

One funny moment, was when they brought our uniforms to us before the game, along with some needles and thread. Apparently there was not enough time for one last patch to be sewn (? I have no idea if this is how its spelt.. my English has gotten worse since being over here)!
Anyways, we literally all took our jerseys and got to sewing the patch on. It was quite a funny sight to see us all sitting down sewing away right before a game. My patch didn't last long, as after the game it was falling off. Lets see if it makes it through a wash without completely falling off!

So games have officially started, and of course every basketball player loves this because it means less practice and more fun! I will keep you updated along the way as much as possible.

This is our team photo, that we had from our photo shoot the other day. Not something you'd see in North America for sure, but I still think it turned out nice.

Until next time,

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  1. Well hi Courtnay:

    Wow, nice start to the season; so if I've read the stats right, you played 17 minutes and scored 12 points? Nice! It looks like you're establishing a great camaraderie with your teammates and becoming comfortable there. We sure miss you! Funny story indeed about sewing on your patches before the game (and yes, you did spell "sewn" properly!). I believe your next game is on the 22nd? Guess there's no live video, but I'll be watching the stats. Good luck and have fun! xoxoxoxo
    Leesa & Bob