7 oct. 2010

First Update from Lithuania

It has been an eventful couple of days in Lithuania, and I will do my best to describe it all. First of all my travel to Lithuania- I got to the Prague airport with my teammate at 4, and we grab a quick drink and then tried to waste time before we could check-in. So after what seemed to be the LONGEST 2 hours of my life, I parted ways with Kaela and checked-in. I went to my gate, and went straight for my computer and checked emails and whatnot to pass time. About an hour before we were boarding the Internet cut out… go figure. So to my ipod I went, finally we were allowed to board! So my flight to Poland was quick, and then I waited a bit in Poland and then got on my last plane to Vilnius, Lithuania which is the capital.

And so it began… I was greeted by the team helper Justas, and we got in his car and drove the hour and a half to Kaunas- my new home for 7 months. The drive went pretty quick, I basically sat there staring out the window, until Justas would ask another question. There was not much conversation, as his English is not the greatest and I was soo ready for bed so the combination did not make for any stimulating conversation. I was taken to my apartment, and I was finally “home”. It was about 3 in the morning, so I quickly looked around the apartment and then headed to bed.

The apartment: I like the place they put me in, although it seems like I just took over someone’s place, as all the pots and pans, cutlery, furniture, even bedding was in the apartment ready to go for me. Its nice I don’t have to worry about simple things like pots, or towels. I have a tv and a dvd player, which will soon come in handy. The tv has a few English channels, which includes MTV. I have had it on MTV pretty much the whole time. There is no internet yet, which is a priority in my life, but im dealing with it. Im not holding my breath that the internet comes soon. The bathroom is pretty small, so I chuckle every time I walk into it. The washer is in there, and I have NO IDEA what the words mean, so I tried to set it up when I did my first wash….. lets just say it wasen’t the right setting! Oh well, trial and error will have to do.

I met my team, coaches, and trainers on Tuesday, and they all seem nice. Most speak English, but don’t speak it unless you are having a one on one conversation. I finally met my American teammate Amanda, we have chatted a bit before I came over. She has been here for a month already, so she has kinda shown me the way. I couldn’t imagine being here all by myself for a whole month! I have had a couple practices with the team, and although I still am adjusting it has gone alright so far. I have learned most of the plays, and am getting use to how the team plays. It will be fun to get out and play in games, and see how it all unfolds. For now I am going to just work hard, and enjoy the experience.

There is so much more I could share with you, but I will save the rest for another post.

Until next time,


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  1. Hi Courtnay!

    So glad to see that you are now in Lithuania and seeming to settle in (despite the challenges with the laundry facilities!). Sarah and I just back from our trip to Victoria...everyone asking for an update about you and your travels and wishing you every success! It must be comforting to know that Amanda is near at hand, to show you around until you become accustomed to the local environment, culture and people. What a truly exciting time for you! Do keep us posted, through your blog and email. Love you always,
    Leesa & Bob
    P.S. Send pictures when you can! xoxox