28 oct. 2010


Our team had our first Euro League game yesterday, and we were in tough. We were playing the 4 time defending champions of the league.. so basically the best team in Europe! Nothing like starting with the best!

Now, I cannot go into full detail about the game, but it was one of the better games I have been involved in. We won by 2 on a buzzer beater layup! We were up the whole game and then they rallied back to tie it, and then we made the layup to win the game... It was a HUGE upset, and nobody expected us to compete.. let alone win! Our team rushed the court like we just won a National Championship!

Mind you there team was missing two of their best players, but they still had 2 WNBA players, and some really good Russian national team players, and our team does not have any WNBA players.. but we played as a team and prevailed! We got rewarded with a day off today, so that was nice. We have a Lithuanian league game tomorrow, so another chance to play! :)

 The Dog Pile that ensued after we won the game!

Me playing in the game, a nice action shot. 

Here is a link to the story about our game, you can scroll to the end of the page and watch the video of the layup!

Well thats all for now,  hope everyone is well back in North America!

Until next time,


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  1. Hey there Courtnay!
    Incredible game and fantastic upset. The video of the layup was worth watching several times! Tremendous inspiration to the team! And I see the team is 4/0! You're clearing playing with the top team...well, how could anyone expect less? Sounds like you're having a great time Courtnay. Keep the blog updates coming! xoxoxo
    Leesa & Bob