13 oct. 2010

The First Week!

Now that you have seen my apartment, I figured Id tell you about some of the things that have gone on in my week here!

Practice- we practice twice a day typically.  It is usually easier in the morning including weights, agility, and more shooting. The evening practice is harder, which has lots more of 5 on 5 and going over our plays and our defense.  The language barrier is a little bit difficult when im trying to understand the exact reasoning for things, but im adjusting to it so far.

One of the gyms we practice in.

Photo shoot- So we had a photo shoot for our team photo. First of all it was in a restaurant in the local mall… so that’s a weird place to have it, secondly there were about 4 cameramen, and a video guy. It felt like the paparazzi was all around us.
Once I got there, I spent about 45 mins to an hour getting my makeup and hair done. Now ANYONE who knows me… knows I do not do makeup, let alone do my hair that often. So sitting for almost an hour to be done up, was not high on my list of things to do. Once I was done with that I changes into my uniform, and had some photos taken. Mostly head shots, but the best part was the people in charge clipped my uniform back to make it even tighter on me. Sex appeal in Europe is crazy. So you can imagine how uncomfortable I was with my hair done and my makeup done, in tight clothes…

It was still a funny experience to go through, and I did have some fun with it. Of course Photos were taken to document this, since I don’t plan on it happening again anytime soon.

 After the photo shoot, before we headed to our apartments. You get the Idea.....(we are blowing kisses, because our last team photo, we had to "give kisses". Clearly we are mocking it).

Night Life- We had Sunday off, so Saturday Amanda and me went out with three of the other girls. It was a scary experience, not knowing what to expect and going out in a city not knowing where you really are, or how to speak the language. The evening started with us going to one of the girls house to get “ready” for the evening. Amanda and me taught the girls some North American card games, and how we partied in college. They enjoyed it for sure. Needless to say I survived and it was a memorable first night out! 

 Me and my teammates before we headed out.

Midnight Madness?- Well its not exactly like midnight madness in college, but our team had an afternoon game against “politicians” All I know is that one was the mayor, and Im not quite sure who else was playing. It was fun to just get out and play a friendly game J We also got to have our team introduced, and it was definitely a new way to be introduce. We had to grab a little boy and walk out with him, when our name was called out. We also got gifts and flowers before the game. I could get use to this!!!

 Me playing against the Politicians.. You can see how short my shorts are...:S

Well that is all I have for now! First game is Friday!!!

Until next time,

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